Lost/Missing/Rehoming Pets

To Whom It May Concern:  Please help us re-home our little boy.Cole - Delete 1 Cole - Delete

Cole is a playful 40 pound black pitbull mix. He’s had a difficult and trying past, but his personality shows no signs of this adversity. Despite being found severely injured on the street (clearly a victim of dogfighting abuse) he remains a fun, loving, and loyal dog.

Cole has been a part of our family for 4 years. He is my littlest boy and I love him to pieces, but unfortunately, life has taken some sour turns and we can no longer keep him as ours. It tears me apart to have to give him up, but we need to find him a home ASAP.

Cole is very enthusiastic and energetic, so an active owner would suit him best. Dude will play fetch/catch until your arm falls off. He knows his basic obedience commands (sit, paw, laydown, “leave it”, etc.), and he’s also quite bright, so he definitely has the capacity to learn much more.

Cole would enjoy a well matched dog sibling or enjoy life as an only dog. Definitely no cats, though. He hates those things.He is approximately 5 years old, is up to date on his vaccinations, he’s neutered, and crate and house-trained. Please help us find a home for this dude. He’s the best.

-Matt matthewmowrer@gmail.com

Hello,  We have a large breed dog, Brutus. He is a mix of American bulldog and pit bull or so we were told.VAR Brutus He is a big baby…. good with other dogs (we have two small Chihuahuas and when he is at my in laws she has two small dogs and a couple of cats that he gets along with.) LOVES children… LOVES LOVES LOVES kids… He is big and strong and a bit stubborn, but housebroken, crate trained, and a great watch dog. My husband got a job six months ago where he travels and is living in our motorhome. We can keep our little dogs with us in the motorhome, but Brutus is too big to be in motorhome and with no yard at rv parks, it is not possible for us to keep him. We have tried to figure out how we could keep him for the past six months, but my husband’s job is for the next seven years… and we have been boarding Brutus frequently because we cannot take him and that is costing a fortune, plus he needs a home with  yard. We actually got him through a rescue 15 months ago and I have tried to contact them, but cannot get ahold of anyone at any numbers or email I had for them. He is neutered, has all shots, is microchipped, etc.
Can you help us? I do not want to take him to a kill shelter… he is a sweet baby and this is very hard for us to decide to do…
thank you,
I adopted a 4 year old kitty from Henderson animal shelter in October who was just VAR Courtney Tessierrecently diagnosed w FLUTD.  
He’s a great, sweet, funny guy, but due to his medical issues I can no longer keep him.
I am already in the hole $2000.00 and his flare ups are getting more frequent to the point that I just can not afford it anymore. Can you, or do you, know anybody that would be willing to take on a special needs kitty? I hesitate just dropping him off at the shelter because I want him to have the proper medical care he needs and deserves, and don’t want him over looked or euthanized. Can somebody please get back to me ASAP? I don’t know what else to do. This poor kitty needs a new home, establishment, or foster parent that can take on his illness. Thank you so much.

Courtney T  702.426.1233  courtsyt@gmail.com
If we can find a foster  we can save her!!!!

Kayla is just under 6 years old. She looks and acts younger in a good sense of being playful. VAR Melissa TShe has a mature and mellow side too and lives for tummy rubs. She enjoys playing fetch, walks well on leash and knows basic commands, according to some volunteers and staff. Also from my firsthand experience with her. She gets along well with dogs of all sizes, given a proper meet and greet. I have been there in person to see her interaction with large and littles dogs. She passed cat assessment with notation of showing curiously but not prey driven.
She is a beautiful and loving girl. While there is no set day for her time to be up, she does not have unlimited time to be adopted. I would like to get her “tagged” by myself within the next week or two if there is confirmation of rescue placement.I will happily cover her “adoption” fee through me, handle transport to foster or boarding. No reimbursement of fees, I am just happy if a rescue will back me and thr dog I am helping. I would then promote her as available through AH4S. I would also let the shelter know she has been transferred to AH4S as they keep log of who I get out and if they go to rescue or if I rehome them through me. Then the dog is taken off of my Fanciers Permit and I can pull another, and so on.The shelter Administration is fully aware that I do this and are appreciative of the efforts and help. I am working closely with staff and they have helped me tremendously.Let me know what you think.
Thank you for considering!Blurry Pet Harbor pic of Kayla. She is gorgeous and so sweet. She has partial wirey hair.

Melissa T  702-301-8926

Hello,VAR Cat

Im moving out of state and I am unable to relocate my cat.

She is a loving well behaved black and white cat that goes
by the name “Oreo”. She is 15 years old and she is good with other animals. She is shy at first and takes her time getting acquainted. I rescued her from a shelter when she was a kitten. The shelter fixed her and she has all her shots and she is in good health. She would make someone special a very good companion. She does have her claws front and back, and she does not like baths. Yes, I had to mentions claws and bathing in the same sentence because she does know when, where, and how to use them when necessary. I will send with her, her litter box, her pet carrier and food dish. I will miss her very much, she is loved, and I hope to find someone that will grow to love her as i do.

Please text me at 702-287-1639 with inquiries. Thank you for your time!




From: Meg Brunner <tobearms@me.com>VAR Dog
Here are a few photos of Sugar…

She’s an awesome companion dog…follows you wherever you go.  Loves to sit on your lap while you watch tv and would sleep right next to you all night if you let her.

Sugar is a very loving dog…gets along great with other dogs and people too.  Good eater, twice a day.  Not a huge fan of treats, but makes up for that with kisses.  She will literally lick your feet for an hour if you take your socks off.  Its like a doggie spa.

She really is the perfect pet.  She just needs to be with someone who is home all day and can coax her out the door every few hours so she doesn’t pee inside.  Those muscles apparently never got their feeling back.  She also can’t jump anymore and needs to be picked up and carried back to the ground from bed/couch.   My husband and I really wish we could keep her, but with his multiple sclerosis he just can’t devote the energy she needs.

She’s perfect for someone out there!


LOST Lost our 4 yr old spayed female blue and white pitbulll 5/9. Last seen around commerce and Washburn. She has a white strip on face looks like a music note and nose is half pink. We miss her dearly! 702-682-3199  jessnjon@hotmail.com



Good Afternoon,  VAR Pit
Attached is a photo of Tiny who we are looking to find her a new home. My friend’s father passed away last week and he had a female Pitbull Mix, Tiny. My friend is desperately looking for a good home for this dog as they are in the process of cleaning out her father’s home and prepping it for sale. No one in the family is able to take on the responsibility of having this dog as they all already have multiple pets and/or live in small apartments. I am trying to help her get information on any rescue/foster/etc that would be interested in taking the dog. I do not have too much information, I just know that it is a female Pitbull mix approximately 6-8 years old. She is tan and white and is friendly with other dogs and people. She previously lived with three small chihuahua dogs. Lately, she has been acting a little skidish around people she does not know due to the unfortunate circumstances. We are looking to get her a home as soon as possible as she has been living at the father’s home by herself with friends and family visiting once to twice a day. We know she is lonely and scared since her owner has been gone. She is currently located in the Henderson, NV area. Any help would be much appreciated.
Please let me know if you have any questions. My name is Jessica and I can be reached at (949) 743-4448 or at jessicatowe02@hotmail.com.
Thank you so much!





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