Animals That Need Forever Homes



My name is Craig and my dog’s name is Freeway the Dog. Our best guess is that he is a Chihuahua. I found him 5 years ago along the side of the freeway (hence his name) between Mesquite and the Gorge into St. George. He was a tiny puppy. We have enjoyed him in our home. He has been fixed and is current on his shots. We have been struggling with allergies by having him around and now with two members of the family going through weekly allergy shots we cannot keep him. On top of all that we are having to move and where we will be going we cannot have a dog. Please help me find a home for him. He is a good dog. House broken, friendly and loves to go for walks. Included is a travel kennel, food and water dish, leash, and bed.
Please contact me by email or phone. My number is 702-378-2168.
Attached are photos.

image (2)


image (1)


Please help…

JJ is a sweet lovable cat. He’s about 8 years old and was a recue. He had hepatic lipidosis a year  and a half ago and we spent 6 weeks tube feeding him back to where he could eat on his own again. He had a blocked bowel early this year. We are still paying off the vet bills for both. He never fully recovered to his old self. He eats well, drools a bit and occasionally vomits. Due to a job transfer, we are moving at the end of September and will take him with us if we have to, but I don’t think he would do well caged up for the trip.

I hope you can help.

Thanks!  Kim Symons Kim Symons <
IMG_20130903_160659570 IMG_20130903_160618308


My name is Mary and I need to find a new home for my two Pomeranians Bella (age 5) and Kaiah (age 3).
Bella is 5 years old, spayed, and current other than bordtella which is due in two weeks. She is an active dog who loves walks, she does have a barking issue and has snipped at my two year old kid more than 3 times after being in her face. She has also growled and snipped at other small kids. She is a scavenger and my “crumb” eater. If I had known she was like a vacuum I would have called her hoover. She eats science diet small breed lamb and rice. Bella is crate trained, house trained and knows her basic commands. She can also use a dog door. She is very affectionate, smart and caring dog.
Kaiah is 3 years old, spayed and current other than bordtella which is due in two weeks. Kaiah is over weight and hates walks. She can not jump up or down from things and cant not go up stairs. She barks every two hours at night (5 of 7 nights a week) to go to the bathroom, it took a full year for her to not poop or pee in her cage. She loves food and will go crazy at the sound of the food bowl being filled. She has to be muzzled for shots and exams because she does not like her rear end being touched. I have had a dog trainer and 3 vets inform me that she has some mental issues and could be partially blind. She is my snuggle buddy but she snores really loud. She eats science diet small breed lamb and rice. She is not housetrained well and will only pee on concrete not grass or rocks.  She is very skittish and shy but she is my lover dog.
I wish for them to be placed together but because they are two very different dogs they might be best for different owners. I can also provide their crates, beds, toys and remaining food.
Thank you! Mary Hummel
Bella 2013.jpgKaiah & Bella.jpgKaiah after grooming.jpg

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