June 2013
Dear Nevada Advocates,
The adjournment of the Nevada Legislature this month wrapped up a very successful year for animals, and I am writing to thank you for your outstanding efforts!
This session, the Governor and Legislature considered a number of animal-related bills, and we were successful in passing nearly every single one of them into law!

Senate Bill 72 banned intentional horse tripping
Equine welfare has been a priority for the ASPCA since our founding in 1866, and we strongly oppose intentionally tripping a horse for sport as this act causes immense physical trauma for horses. With the passage of Senator Mark Manendo’s S.B. 72, Nevada joins a growing number of states in banning intentional horse tripping.

Assembly Bill 246 banned the sale of live animals at swap meets
Unregulated animal sales at swap meets pose a significant risk to both animals and consumers. These often-mistreated animals are typically not spayed or neutered so also contribute to Nevada’s serious pet overpopulation problem. Assemblywoman Heidi Swank championed the passage of A.B. 246, which bans the sale of animals at swap meets unless the local jurisdiction has enacted regulations that provide for strict and humane care standards for animals offered for sale.

Assembly Bill 264 protects Nevada’s iconic wild horses
The ASPCA, along with the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, are working with the Governor to help protect the Virginia Range horses, many of whom would otherwise fall into the clutches of kill-buyers. Assembly Members Grady and Wheeler authored A.B. 264 to fix a deficiency in the law that prohibited the government from working with non-profits to manage these horses. This law marks a new chapter in the ongoing efforts of many local non-profit groups to preserve these wild horses.

Animals win additional protections:

  • Assembly Bill 110 prohibits breed discrimination–Passed
  • Assembly Bill 115 requires law enforcement to give domestic violence victims information on protective orders for companion animals—Passed
  • Senate Bill 83 increases penalties for engaging in or watching animal fighting—Passed
  • Senate Bill 333 would have allowed for canned hunts on fenced in properties—Killed

I’d like to thank the members of the Legislature who voted in support of animals, and to the Governor who signed each bill into law. Additionally, thanks to everyone who sent emails, made phone calls, and met with legislators in person at Nevada Humane Lobby Day. We are so thankful to work with you and our incredible partners in the state including the Nevada Humane Society, Northern Nevada SPCA, TrailSafe Nevada, No Bear Hunt NV, and Hidden Valley Horse Rescue. There is still a great deal of work to do , but we can look on the 2013 session as a success for Nevada’s animals.

Thanks for being part of our team,

Kevin O’Neill
Kevin O’Neill, ASPCA
Senior State Legislative Director, Western Region


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