Animal Rehoming List – June 24 2013


I currently have two very sweet dogs that I need to find new homes for. I love my dogs, but I have recently found myself in a situation that makes me unable to provide the care that they deserve.

Nova is a chocolate colored 6 year old blue nose pitbull mix. She is very loving towards adults and children, but does not get along with other dogs or cats very well, and is very protective of her home. I have two very small children and she loves to give them kisses and just be around them. She needs a family with children that are a little older and that can play with her. She is very very sweet and just an all around good girl. She has been spayed, but is not currently up to date on her shots. 

Aiden is a black 2 year old Maltese/ Toy Poodle mix. He was brought to my home when he was two days old and was bottle fed so he is very affectionate to people. He is very high energy and needs a lot of attention. He does have a barking problem which I have been unable to break him of. He gets along with most other dogs, but is a small dog with a big attitude. He dislikes cats and would be best suited for a home with older children that have the energy to match his. He is neutered, but is not currently up to date on his shots.

These are both very sweet and loving dogs and deserve good homes with families that can show them the attention that they deserve.

If you can please help me find new homes for my dogs I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you,


I have a 6 1/2 year old pure bread Jack Russell Terrier named Luna. She is spayed. I don’t feel I can provide her the environment she deserves and would be so appreciative of getting her rehomed or put into a good no-kill shelter. She is full of energy and would make a welcome addition to any place with a yard or area for her to roam. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
I have a 1 year old white Siberian husky that needs a good home. His name is Sky and has had a little bit of a ruff life. He use to be one of my friends dog but got past around to multiple homes because he is “too much” to handle. I finally told them I would take him in until I could find a good home for him because they were going to take him to a shelter. I did not want him to be put to sleep because he is a beautiful dog! Sky is very lovable and good mannered. He needs a lot of attention and a playmate if possible. I believe he is up to date on shots but he is not neutered. He is also kennel and potty trained. I hope this email will help in finding him a good home. I have inserted a photo of him in this email.

Thank you,

Hello my name is Paula and my husband Danny and I need to find a loving home for our neutered lab pit mix Snoopy. I found your information on your website and have posted Snoopy’s information on your Facebook page as well. If you could forward his info along to rescue groups it woudl be greatly appreciated. Any other advice or information you can provide is also welcome.
Attached please find his photos and his bio below.
Hello! My name is Snoopy. I am a high energy 6 year old neutered lab/pit mix. I love people and love to please. I also love walks, water, car rides and I’m very smart too!
Every dog has a story and this is mine:
My mom took me in when I was about 5 months old. Unfortunately, the person who rescued me and gave me to her wasn’t honest about being up to date on my shots. I caught Parvo soon after. Because of this I had to be kept away from other dogs for 6 months.  I did not have the opportunity to be properly socialized with other dogs. In other words, I don’t like dogs that I don’t know. I put on a good show so they see how “tough” I am. However, once I was put in a dog park and when I found myself surrounded by a pack of dogs I put my tail between my legs, took off and jumped on the nearest human with an empty lap.
I grew up with my two Chihuahua friends and two cats.  One cat was mean to me when I was a puppy so we didn’t get along; so I don’t like cats very much.
Almost 2 years ago I was lying on the couch with a family member and they were rubbing my sides. I growled to let them know I didn’t like it but they kept rubbing so I bit them. Mom didn’t know what to do with me but she gave me a second chance and we had a private trainer to teach me basic commands. I also learned how to heel when walking. My favorite command on a walk is “break” that means I can walk ahead and sniff. I had to learn that I am not the alpha dog.
Mom met a great guy that I love. They had a baby and they are worried that I am too energetic to be around a baby (soon to be toddler). The ideal home for me would be a home with a large yard. To be with someone who is active & doesn’t have small children. I don’t know what I would do if a little person would pull my ears or sit on me. They are hoping to find me a loving home, where I can just be me. Right now when it’s hot I hang out inside the house in my crate. When it’s nice out I get to run around in my yard. I have to admit I do miss the days when I could freely walk around the house, put my muzzle on my dad’s lap and try to get him to invite me on the couch.
If you are interested in meeting me to see if we are a good match, please contact my mom Paula either on Facebook or email her at
snoopy1 snoopy2
My name is Roberto. I live in las Vegas. I just recently had a daughter that now is 7 months old :). But it now pains me to say, after 9 years together, I must now find a new home for my family friend due to the fact that my daughter is allergic to my pet, Lorelie. She is a cat, I forgot her breed but she is an outstanding companion. I love my girl to death. She has been with me through thick and thin. She is approximately 10-11 years old but still has the spunk of a 2 year old cat. I rescued her from lied animal shelter 9 years ago. Sending her back to a shelter defeats the purpose of me rescuing her in the first place. She minds her own but does love attention and cuddling. I can’t stand admitting that I must let her go. But my daughter is suffering. I must find her a loving home asap. If there is anything you could or find her a new home, that would greatly be appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact me at  at anytime. Thank you so much.
IMAG0976 IMAG0975 IMAG0974
My dog’s name is Huey and he is 11 months old. He’s an American Bulldog/Lab mix and has been a joy to be around. Unfortunately, I am looking for a new home because I will be leaving the country on the 19th. He has a lot of energy and loves trips to the dog park. I am hoping a family can take him in and give him the attention and care taking he needs. He is all up to date on his shots and has been neutered.
You can contact me by replying to my email
Thank you in advance.
A year ago my sister helped out a divorcing couple with no children that could not take Roxy and were going to surrender her to Lied. She is a big girl, approx 95lbs, and was an indoor dog. In the last year my sister has been able to leave her outside for short periods of time but she does become destructive if it gets to be too long. Unfortunately, now we, my sister and I, are in a position of having to surrender her and do not feel she deserves Lied. My sister is incarcerated and I have custody of her 3 children. We have to move at the end of the month and I cannot take Roxy. I am very very allergic to dog hair. I have been on so much medication this past month that I walk, drive and work in a stupor. Roxy is a very loving girl but is not used to being around young kids. She has been living with 3 teenage girls and is great with them though. She loves to go for walks and play at the dog park but when she is done she wants to be inside and will tear up fences and back door handles until she is allowed back in. She will also eat anything you leave on the counters or from open cupboards. She has done this ever since she began living with my sister. She is fixed and up to date on all of her shots. I am happy to pay a surrender fee and provide 4-50lbs bags of the dog food she likes (Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition). If she has not been adopted in a regular time frame and you need me to bring more food for her and pay an additional fee I will absolutely do so. I have to move by June 29th, 2013. Please consider Roxy for your organization. If you cannot take her, would you please recommend somewhere else? Thank you for your time. Lisa



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