Pet Needs A New Home

American Pitt Bull
2 year old.Male
Name: Big Dog.
Brownish Red coat with white spots
He’s a little bit shy but extremely friendly. He is great around children and other animals even cats (We have 2 other dogs and three cats all of which are on friendly terms).
Big Dog is with out a doubt one of the sweetest and most loving dogs we’ve owned. Unfortunately we are moving to a home that is governed by a home owners association and  Pit Bulls are not permitted. He really needs a home where he’ll be included as part of the family as opposed. to just being left in the yard and played with occasionally. He loves any kind of outdoor activity but would choose swimming daily if given the chance. We really love Big Dog and it’s very painful to give him up and we hope that you’ll give him a chance to be part of you home .
Mr.and Mrs.Bubel


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