Putty Needs A Home

It seems like this is Cattle Dog month.  Here is Putty.

He is a 7 year old, neutered, male Border Collie/Queensland cross, originally from Michigan.

He lost his owner 2 months ago to cancer and the children of the deceased tried to keep him & transported him to Nevada. Their landlord rebelled and they needed him fostered immediately so he was picked up last night in Searchlight. He is a great dog but was just neutered Monday and is fighting with the unneutered breeding male in his new foster home.

Needless to say, we need to find him a home as soon as we can because separating them constantly is a   challenge for his foster mom.  Now the good news: He is crate trained, housebroken, up to date on shots, he has had obedience training and knows sit, stay, down, come, and he takes it all very seriously. He uses the doggie door and is very good with all the female dogs in his foster home, it is just the intact male and the fact that Putty is just neutered that is the problem.  We believe he would be an excellent agility dog, he is very fast and very attentive. He would be perfect for anybody who wants an active companion.


Contact Renee at

(702) 561-6264.



Treadmills Needed for Las Vegas

Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization



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