Three Cats Need New Homes Today Jan 12 2012

PLEASE CALL 533-2761 
& help save these cats.

Desperately need to find homes for these cats by Thursday, January 12!

Owner is being evicted from her trailer & she will be homeless.  She has no way to
keep these cats.  If she leaves them behind, the management will call animal control to 
pick them up & euthenize them at the Lied Shelter.  

PLEASE!  Can anyone take in one of these innocent cats & give them a forever safe home
& save them from a certain death at Lied Animal Shelter?

1.  FiFi is approx. 7 years old.  She is a diluted gray tortoishell with faint markings.  She has large green eyes, she is a very sweet girl, loves to lay next to you, but will be shy at first.  She would do best in a home with NO children or dogs.  She is ok with other cats.  She is spayed & vaccinated.

2.  CoCo is approx. 4 years old.  She is a petite tortoishell.  When she was a kitten, she had an eye infection in both eyes, which resulted in scarring of her eyes, so they are not clear.  She is a very affectionte, outgoing cat, she is ok with children, dogs & other cats.  She is spayed & vaccinated.

3.  Calvin is approx. 10 years old.  He is a black cat, very shy & keeps to himself, but will be affectionate when he gets to know you.  He is ok with children & other cats.  No dogs.  He is neutered & vaccinated.


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