Stray Needs A Home

Over the past few days we’ve noticed a stray cat in our neighborhood, roaming around in the freezing temperatures.  We bought one of those traps and managed to catch it.

here’s what we know about him:

  • Male, American Shorthair, orange with golden eyes
  • Don’t know the age, but by his size and weight judge him to be 2-3 years old. This has not been confirmed.
  • Neutered?  Probably, there are no signs of spraying, marking or aggression, but has not been confirmed.
  • Front claws –  yes.
  • Weighs about 7-8 pounds, but should weigh about 10-11 for his frame.
  • Was ravenously hungry when we found him, inhaled all food provided immediately.
  • Now eats casually and slowly, often leaving some for later.
  • House broken, immediately used the litter box we provided for him.
  • Extremely friendly, loves to get his back scratched, chin scratched, ears rubbed.
  • Will sit in your lap and get brushed.
  • Has NO food aggression at all, can be petted, scratched, brushed while eating and just ignores you.  Even allows you to pick up his food dish while he’s eating, and does nothing.
  • Has NO fear of dogs.  While at the vet we took him to, a lady came in with THREE huge huskies … and this kitty just ignored them … as mellow as can be.
  • He has NO cat aggression.  Our kitty, Sinja, mistakenly got within a few feet of him when the door was left ajar, and there were NO signs of aggression from either of them, just curiosity.

We took him to a vet and they scanned him for a chip, and he HAS one.  But, the owners never registered the chip, so we can’t find them.  We did manage to find out what vet sold the chip (up in Summerlin), called them and they spent two hours searching their computer records, and all the boxes in storage with all the written logs … and they have NO record of him.

Please contact Dean at Email:

If you can help with a foster or home.


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