Give Chancz a Chance – Updated 1/8/2012

Hi All & Happy New Year,

We were able to get Chancz to a vet yesterday and have a definite diagnosis for him.  He has Generalized Demodectic Mange – a non-contagious, curable condition. It’s just pretty ugly when it’s full blown (like his is now – current pics attached) and takes a while to cure. The treatment can take anywhere from 8 weeks – a year to completely clear, at about a cost of $250 – $300 a month. Most people don’t want the burden. We are VERY fortunate however, to have a sponsor for Chancz who has pledged money for his medical care until he is healed.

There are lots of websites which describe the condition in more detail and have pictures. is probably the best one I’ve come across. He is currently just getting Ivermectin once a day and an antibiotic twice a day. We are also giving him some holistic remedies, such as herbal baths and immune boosters including Missing Link, Norwegian Fish Oil and Brewers Yeast. This may seem like a lot for a dog we found in the desert, but he has one of the most awesome personalities and dispositions I’ve ever come across and he is not suffering – even itching – at all.  And even through all the hair loss and scabbing, he’s still one of the best looking dogs I’ve seen.

Again, he is not contagious, unless the other dog has a lowered immune system, so if there are any brave souls out there, he still needs a foster/forever home.  His medical treatment, food and home remedies are all going to be covered until he is cured.  Loves all other dogs, people & kids.  Grew up with cats.


There are several updates on Chancz that I wanted to make everyone aware of.  We are still in desperate need of a foster/forever home for this guy.

We’ve recently learned that he is 1/2 Pit Bull and 1/2 Shar Pei – a designer breed called a Sharpull Terrier (Although I still like MUTT a lot better)!  His personality and disposition continue to blossom.  He’s sweet, silly, smart, etc…  He’s also learned to walk without pulling with the help of a Halti.  His obedience is progressing nicely and he has also proven to be an amazing athlete. We realized this when he easily sailed over a 3 ft. wooden gate without touching it, while we were trying to keep him out of the kitchen while cooking.  I laughed my butt off and had him do it several more times intentionally, so I guess I wasn’t much help at discouraging this behavior.  Needless to say, he would be GREAT at agility!

Now – the not so good stuff.  We were unable to find anyone to foster him while on vacation in Southern, Utah, so he came along with us, making it a total of 5 dogs in a Motel 6 room for 4 nights.  Whether from stress or allergies (we hiked in the mountains with snow, pine and all other kinds of trees and bushes for 4 – 6 hours each day), he developed a very bad rash on his chin, cheeks and belly.  He is also losing a considerable amount of hair and is almost completely bald on the top of his head and neck.  He is currently getting medicated baths, several daily lotion applications, Benedryl and Fish Oil and Missing Link supplements to boost his immune system.  We will be taking him to a vet on Saturday to see how much progress he makes over the next few days.  There is STILL a possibility that he has mange (it doesn’t always show up under microscopic examination, so we’re also going to have him scraped again), but he’s been on treatment as a precaution since November.  The most confusing thing about all of this is that he doesn’t scratch at all, so I’m assuming it’s not itchy at all.

We keep all of our foster dogs at Rafael’s, because I cannot have them at my parents home.  My health has deteriorated a bit since the holidays and I need to be at my parents in Henderson (40 miles from Rafael’s) during the week for the next couple of weeks.  I will be at Rafael’s on Fridays PM – Mondays AM, but that leaves 4 full days each week that I am not able to assist with Chancz’s care.  I know that in his current condition it will be next to impossible to find him a permanent home, but  another foster home at this time would be much better for him.  His food and medical expenses are still being covered by his donor, so a foster will not have this burden.  If there is anyone who is willing to foster and care for him, at least for the remainder of January, it would be greatly appreciated. And, as always, if there’s anyone interested in giving him a Forever Home, even with his current medical issues, he could certainly use the stability.

None of this has affected his amazing personality, energy and intelligence.  He’s still the same sweet puppy, just a little scrappy looking right now.Loves people, kids and all other dogs.  Grew up with cats.  Housetrained to doggie door & a bell. Neutered, UTD on all shots.  New pics attached.

Thank you all again for everything you do!


1 yr, male Pit Bull Mix (?)
This beautiful boy was spotted laying under a bush in the desert by Lone Mountain Discovery Park, located approximately at Alexander and Jensen in the northwest area of Las Vegas.
After a while of coaxing and approaching while he growled and tucked his tail, he allowed me to inch my way toward him until he was instantly transformed into a wiggle worm in my lap. He is a young unaltered male, weighing 75 lbs. and has beautiful blue/grey eyes. He is a blue/brindle with a white chest, four white paws and a white tip on his tail.
He LOVES adults, children & other dogs! He was not wearing a collar and is not micro-chipped. We took him to a local vet and had a wellness exam and a fecal test run to ensure that he was parasite free, which he was. YEAH!!! Other than some yeast and bacterial infection in his feet, it appears that his skin issues are all allergies. He now has medication for his current conditions, but will probably have some minor skin issues for the rest of his life.
The vet suggested not neutering until the skin infection on his belly is clear, so that no further infection is spread. She also suggested waiting on vaccines until this time. His neuter and vaccinations are now scheduled for Dec 6th.  His current meds and remaining medical expenses, have all been covered by a generous donor.
Thank you Melinda Ramberg & Family!!!
Chancz has had no obedience training at all, but is picking things up very quickly.  He is a VERY strong young dog that would do best with an experienced owner.  Now all we need is a home for this guy. Foster homes & OF COURSE a permanent home is ideal. He is not aggressive towards people or other dogs. One of the sweetest cuddlers I have ever met.  A total love bug all around!
Chantz Sucks – Pit Bull Pup Abandoned in Vegas Desert
Pit Bull Pup Suckles on blanket after being taken from litter far too young. This beautiful boy was found hiding behind some cactus in the Las Vegas desert. After a lot of posturing, we were eventuall…

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