Sprinkles The Dalmation

This is Sprinkles.  She was born in February of 2010.  She is white with black and has one blue eye and one brown one.  She is deaf.  When her current owners got her, they were told she was tested and her hearing was fine, obviously a lie.  They tried their best with her, taking her to puppy training with Ashleigh, the District Pet Trainer from PetSmart.  Although the owners know the Dalmation breed, having had them in the past, this dog is much more active and due to health issues they just can’t provide the energy outlets and special training that this dog needs.

Other than being deaf, she is a great dog.  She currently lives with and gets along with a 10.5 year old Lab/Irish Setter and a 6 year old Miniature Schnauzer.  She can also jump fairly high and can be destructive when left alone without supervision out of her crate.  Sprinkles is current on shots, spayed, and crate trained.

Please contact her owner, Phyllis Bates, at 702-239-9652 for more information.


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