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From: “Jessica Almeida” <jalmeida@utahhumane.org>
To: “‘Jessica Almeida'” <jalmeida@utahhumane.org>
Subject: SLC/HSU – Heeler in need
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 15:52:22 -0800

Hi everyone,
We have a lovely 8 year old female red Heeler named Belle in need of rescue.  She has some pretty bad skin allergies, which we are not able to diagnose here at the shelter.  She was surrendered because her owners lost their home.  She is housebroken, good with cats, dogs & kids, from infant & up.  She knows sit, stay, heel & leave it.  Here are some notes from our vet about her:
“I really hope rescue is an option for this one:  severe skin allergies. missing hair from around eyes, slight green ocular discharge. severe otitis externa right ear, lichenified skin all over lateral belly, axilla, inguinal area. yeast odor from whole dog. gave 0.5 cc kenalog iv, startind keto until decision made about her. i hope there’s some option because she’s SUPER sweet, very stoic and nice dog. we’ll be happy to spay her once her skin looks a little better before she goes to rescue./dr.d”
Please let me know if you have any ideas for this poor girl.  Pic is attached.
Jessica Almeida
 Behavior & Transfer Director
 Humane Society of Utah
 801-506-2415 direct

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